These days, it is now common to hear about incidences of bullying everywhere especially in colleges. Most people would have come across bullying in schools or may even have been victims. School bullies are infamous and inflict bodily and mental pain on sufferers. Bullying doesn’t end in schools. It sometimes happens even in schools and what is more, bullying can continue even in work areas.

The very first step would be to find out the warnings signals connected with potential suicide attempts. Without understanding the warning signals, an individual would not understand the way to be alert or prevent suicide attempts. It’s been discovered that virtually every child who would like to attempt suicide will give or show some warning signals prior to making a true attempt at suicide. 75% of kids will give a verbal warning, but sadly, they will not be mentioning in simple terms as “I will slash my wrists today/tomorrow”.

Therefore, one has to learn how to listen to and identify the warning signs, Failure to do this will make the child believe nobody cares to them and they’ll proceed with their suicide attempt, After detecting the warning signs of nostalgia, one should act on it promptly, The first and first important step in this regard is to get access to resources of suicide like firearms, poisons, medications, etc. For more information on color life please visit toughlives

Some measures could be taken by parents to help suicide prevention in children and teenagers. If a child seems depressed or contemplating suicide, then the logical thing to do would be to eliminate or hide any deadly items from the house. Parents shouldn’t be afraid to talk about with the kid about using suicidal tendencies. Suicide is ordinarily an spontaneous action and so, getting a child to speak about it is going to help them because attempting to talk to them will be perceived as being caring and attentive.

So, why do some people resort to bullying other people? Well, there were numerous case studies taken up on why some people today get bullied, and the answers often result in the individual who is doing the bullying. A number of studies have established that many bullies usually portray what’s going on within their own houses. In reality, most people become bullies after getting bullied themselves. More frequently than not, authoritative figures in the home demonstrate violent behaviors that in turn, will influence the kids to become bullies.